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Simple Gua Sha Facial Routine (Video)

In brief, you must use both the stone roller and the Gua Sha board ✅

The roller is quite useless without the board as the Gua Sha board is the one bringing all the amazing benefits for the health of your skin ( visit our website and navigate at Massage Clinic articles to read more on Gua Sha benefits) The roller is great because it helps you apply your product without most of it ending on your hands and prepares a.k.a relaxed the muscles for the Gua Sha 💚


1️⃣ Use 100% natural products. You must always use a pure oil or serum during Gua Sha. Contact us via direct message and we will send you our Pure Oils / Essential Oils Hammockcare Collection !

2️⃣ Make sure your stones are natural and authentic to get nature's benefits and to make sure you pay for what you get! If you are unsure if your crystal is authentic you may send me an image to confirm!

3️⃣ Always hold on to your skin on the Centre of the face to avoid stretching the skin. Work on one side of the face then the other 👌

If you want to book a Gua Sha Facial session with me you can do via contacting me on Wix, so you can also feel the process and know what to expect !

I use Avocado oil fused with lavender & grapefruit essential oils but we all have different skin types that's why we have all these oils for you to choose! I also use medium to form pressure with my board but that's totally your choice 💕💕💕

Place your orders for Gua Sha Sets , Oils , and any of our amazing goodies via IG ( ) and we'll ll deliver them to you ( delivery cost varies with area)

Scheduled Deliveries are on every Friday!! New sets are coming so make sure you contact us to enter our priority list so you dont miss out this time 😉

HEALTHY VIBES AND NATURAL BEAUTY ONLY! Hope you find this helpful 🙏

Your Therapist,

Elina Elia

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