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Welcome to Hammock Wellness Centre Massage Clinic.

The following articles are for the hungry spirits of knowledge! 

Massage Clinic: Welcome

Thai Massage

Brief history and philosophy

Thai Massage (Nuat Thai)  is an ancient healing massage ( Nuat Phaen Boran ) that has existed more than 2.500 years. It is part of Thai Traditional Medicine, and is included in the field of physical health care. The origins of Thai massage also reach out to India and China through the ancient Chinese massage techniques, and the Indian life force theory. Yet, these therapeutic techniques were discovered when the Thai people lived in those countries. This therapeutic and spiritual knowledge has been granted to us by monks who never stopped sharing and expanding their wisdom. 

The heart of Thai Massage is based on the Sen Sib Theory.

The "Sen Sib" are ten life energy channels (lines) that are used in Thai massage to remove blockages that obstruct the energy flow.  The Sen Sib are wind channels and it is believed that whenever we experience illness there is a blockage in the Sen Sib channel. The Sen Sib cover the entire human body and all of them find their origin around the naval area of the body. Each Sen Sib relates to various symptoms, that can be treated exclusively on one or more Sen Sib. Thus, in the past Thai Massage was only used for therapeutic purposes.

However, as our society progressed, the techniques of Thai massage have evolved and came to meet the needs of the people in modern societies, making Thai massage an extremely suitable way to sustain our total well-being.   

There is a misconception that Thai massage is painful. When you receive massage from a certified therapist, he or she is obliged to adjust the pressure according to your feedback. On the other hand, when releasing a blockage or else a "muscle knot", some discomfort may be inevitable. This should certainly not happen due to an inappropriate use of strength or technique from the practitioner.

A full body Thai massage is traditionally practiced on a floor mattress. One difference of Thai Massage to other types of massage, is that there is no use of oils, therefore the massage is done with comfortable clothes on.

Overall, a complete full body Thai massage routine includes dry pressure points along the Sen Sib lines, Thai stretching or else Thai yoga ( if necessary/desired ), and energy massage or else touch massage which translates to a spiritual formation of a love relationship through an exchange of tenderness and care between giver and receiver! 

An active yet effortless escape, don't you think?

Thank you for reading!


Thai Massage Benefits

Natural Healing

Thai Massage Benefits

In addition to it's history, therapeutic qualities, and methodology, Thai Massage thrives due to it's rich and effective benefits. All of these precious benefits also depend on how much you immerse yourself in the therapy too. By breathing deeply and correctly like you will be advised to, you can really let go, and allow the healing to happen.

Natural healing with prana, stimulates blood circulation, removes toxins, releases muscle tension, strengthens muscles and bones, releases stress, releases blockages, relieves pain, improves respiratory/digestive/nervous system, helps with insomnia, it is anti-depressant, and it truly rejuvenates your whole being. In a few words, it is the ultimate way to heal, and enter a state of deep relaxation.

Another way to make sure you will achieve the most of your sessions, is to make sure you work with a Therapist that cares for your well being.


 Thai Foot Massage & Reflexology

Balance Your Chi

Thai Foot Reflexology application is performed with manual pressure, and wooden stick strokes on certain points of the sole and dorsal of the foot, which correspond, and stimulate internal organs and some muscle groups. 

With the help of deep foot massage, the benefits of foot reflexology are simply amazing. To be honest, it's one of the most lade back therapies to go for! It's equally suitable for those who workout their legs a lot as it is for those who sit long hours at work.

A professional Thai reflexology session improves blood circulation, boosts the immune system, releases stress, promotes better sleep, it really flashes out the toxins from your body, and sets the path for a totally tranquil journey of well being.


Herbal Compress Massage

A Traditional Thai Herbal Medicine Method

A Herbal Compress is a cloth packed with the finest selection of local dried and fresh herbs. It is steamed prior and during massage to be squeezed on the receiver's body and help relax the muscles before receiving massage.

It is considered one of the most efficient way to achieve the ultimate relaxation of mind and body. You can receive a full body Herbal Compress Massage for full muscle relaxation or you can add Herbal Compresses to any therapy! Just give us a notice beforehand, and we will prepare it for you!

If you love them, and want to take them home with you, just pre-order them and we will have them ready! We love our herbs!



An ancient Thai healing technique to balance your Chi

What is it then?

Tok-Sen is an ancient healing massage technique that is even older than Thai Massage. It was used by Monks in Myanmmar, and found it's way to North Thailand. "Tok" means "tap" and "Sen" translates to "energy lines". Tapping a wooden hammer on a wooden wedge alongside the body's energy lines, (we have 72000 of them) creates deep and powerful vibrations on muscles, instantly releasing all muscle tension stored in big and small muscle groups, as well as stress trapped physically.

 The rhythmic  Tok-Sen Sound and Vibration is a form of Sound Therapy and Meditation...Tok-Sen vibrations mainly tackle the Nervous System and leads it to a calm & balanced state, which then helps the muscles naturally relax. Another balancing aspect of this practice is that with the careful tapping between bones, ligaments and muscles, the liquids in our system get dispersed and flow freely as the pathways of the "Sen" unblock.

I was trained for Tok-Sen under my Professional Teacher Training in Northern Thailand and in two other modality courses again in Northern Thailand. Since then, I have been incorporating it in many of my practices such as Hammock Fusion or Thai Yoga, mostly for it's physical benefits, as for it to reach the meditative state, it must be solely performed as a complete session. Gradually people started wondering what that is and started dropping in for Tok-Sen in no time. 

Try this ancient healing technique and enjoy all its healing benefits! You can also combine it with other forms of Hammock ancient healing therapies such as your favorite Thai Yoga Massage or even Herbal Back Massage! Havr a look at our Service List and see where it is already incorporated or ask me where and how we can perform this practice !

Pressure point massage 2

What is Therapeutic Massage?

An Ancient Science

Therapeutic Massage begins when you as a patient clearly comprehend where you feel discomfort, when it began, if you have taken any action for it before your massage session, and whether or not you have been advised by your physician! When we gather all these information, then we can work on how to fix all areas of pain if possible.

As a certified massage therapist, my skills allow to help with many body and psychosomatic conditions, such as, lower/upper back pain, headaches, tight shoulders, arm weakness, neck stiffness, leg pain, numbness, knee pain, abdominal imbalance, bad blood circulation, emotional imbalance, anxiety, depression, sleeping patterns etc. 

A massage therapy is not therapeutic if you don't ask for it. Talk about what bothers you, and we will try our best to fix it!


Gua Sha Therapy

Natural and Traditional Chinese Medical Healing

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese therapy using scraping tools such as wooden spoons, sacred stones or buffalo horn stones on skin to remove stagnant energy known as Chi. The ancient healers believed that this stack energy is what causes inflammation and tension in our muscles causing stiffness and pain.Gua Sha is not a massage, it is a very different therapy than the rest, it can be intense the first and second time around, but It is combined with herbal oil for a smoother application. Gua Sha scraping method turns the skin quite red, this is the pain from the inside showing it's self on the outside! The level of redness depends on how problematic an area is, if you suffer from chronic pain on a specific area of the body then that area will become red much quicker than any other area.The marks from Gua Sha disappear in 3 days! Red skin for a few days is nothing when you compare it to how healthy it is for you!Gua Sha also helps to release unhealthy toxins, promote blood circulation and your skin will also thank you for it! If you consider yourself a true Health believer just go for it!This is a very delicate therapy, ask your therapist for a legitimate diploma as always! We go under so much for beauty these days, let's do the same thing for health! Health is beauty anyway!!!


Cupping Therapy & Medical Massage

A Chinese Medical Therapy

Cupping Therapy is an alternative Chinese Therapy used to create suction on the areas applied. The traditional method requires the application of fire (usually created with alcohol on a ball of cotton) but a more modern & effective version of air suction is now used!

Cupping Therapy has the following benefits: ⬇️

• It can release muscle tension/stiffness/pain where applied ✔

• Decreases tendon inflammation ✔

• Increase blood flow, promotes cell repair ✔

• Releases unhealthy stored toxins ✔

• Can fight cellulite lumps on all areas of the body ✔

• Sedate the Nervous System ✔

• Helps with fatigue and poor sleep ✔

• Leaves you with a deep feeling of relaxation ✔

• More, more, and more ✔

In other words, the vacuum formed by Cupping draws up the old non-circulating stagnant blood and sticky fluids from the area, bringing them up to the surface so that healthy free circulation can be restored to the affected area, thus creating space for oxygen, living cells and nutrients for faster recovery 👌

Combined with medical massage on targeted areas the body is prepared for the deep suction to achieve the best result possible from this amazing and highly efficient treatment!


Gua Sha Facial Therapy

The perfect combination of Beauty & Tradition!

Have you heard of the Chinese Gua Sha Facial Treatment??

Gua Sha Facial is a Chinese medical technique used by Asian men and women, to maintain the health of their skin, in the most natural way possible. Healing crystals such as Jade and Rose Quartz, are used for this treatment. Together with their healing qualities, and cold temperature, these crystal tools enhance Gua Sha benefits.
•Promotes lymph drainage and blood circulation around the face and neck •Naturally releases toxins and congestion around the face area.•Smoothens skin and reduces wrinkles•Natural face lift •Promotes health of tissue under the skin, making your skin more radiant and beautiful•Sculpts your facial features •Improves dark circles and bags under eyes •Firms up facial muscles•Lightens up spots and other skin discolorations•Helps clear up acne, rosacea, and other skin dideases•Very gentle and relaxing.
Your skin will thank you for it!

sen sib psy.jpg

Professional Ethics in Thai Massage. 

My take on what are the most important Ethics in Massage Therapy

Please read if you have some extra time and/or if you wish to comprehend Thai Massage Therapy as a profession.
I want to share with you some of the Ethics of Professional Thai Massage that were passed to me by my precious Teachers. Hard as it is to practice this on a daily basis in the Western World, it is possible. In some people's (receivers/clients) eyes Massage Therapy is a way to spend money, a luxury, a constant question whether the Therapist really is meant to do this, and if they really do it with an honest heart. 
I often forget the ethics of Thai Massage because they have been rooted naturally in my practice since day 1. I have never stepped away from it since my journey began. Do you know why? Because one of the most substantial ethical factors of being a true Therapist is the invinsible Oath that Massage Therapists make to themselves the first days of their practice. This is to accept that our knowledge can be of help, and what crime it would be to not share it. Of course, you may think otherwise since this is how Ethics are in Thailand, not here. 
Some important ethical guidelines are,

- Wellness and Equal Service to all. I have personally asked from some wealthy clients in the past, to have a break from recieving my service when I realized that others had priority over physical pain. This brings me to the next ethic.- You must not be greedy. In addition, you must maintain honesty, compassion, being part of the law and order. (Last is under question in this country but oh well, let's say law yes (sometimes) order no)
- Continue to improve knowledge and share knowledge simultaneously.  Recently I tought my first intensive course in CY. I can tell you that it was extremely difficult as I am fully active as a practitioner, and as a business driven individual trying to grow under unprofessional foundations regarding any Massage in Cyprus. But, there was magic in this course, because I can see what is going on around me with different teachers doing aggressive marketing or trying to live off of incomplete teaching, and being bad role models health wise.

- Confidentiality: You all know we exchanged so much at our sessions. These are our moments! No one else's. 
- No sex, drugs, alcohol,smoking, gambling. All these must not be involved in our practice on a daily basis. This is an extreme Asian perspective and it is our decision to see where we belong in it's restrictions. It's up to you how to handle your desires. 
- Dont practice in inappropriate places: I can go on and on about this, but I won't. I will just give you an example. MASSAGES AT A MUSIC FESTIVAL WHERE THERE IS ALCOHOL AND NON HYGIENIC CONDITIONS IS WRONG. YOU CAN HARM SOMEONE.
- Co-operate with organizations. Try to be flexible and not build your ego withing your business. This can take place when another organization does not negotiate with all of the above. 
I thank you for reading. I hope you understand that you have to be a bit of a psychopath to do this "job" right in the West. Jokes aside it is a wonderful profession. I wish you all to be under ethical hands. 

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