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Elina Elia

Owner & Founder of Hammock Wellness Centre
Certified Massage Therapist & Bodyworker

Teacher of Thai Massage affiliated with TMC School, Thailand

Elina finished her Fine Arts Studies in 2015 at the University of West of England. She concludes that working with her hands is her most honest form of expression and survival.


She first visited Thailand in 2016, where she was Professionally trained by a high standard, awarded, and most renowned Massage Schools of Thailand, recognized by the Thai Government and Thai Ministry of Education. In 2017 she completed the Government Certified Thai Massage Professional and Teacher Training Program. Affiliated with her School (TMC) she now annually teaches a variety of Thai Massage courses under TMC curriculum. 

During her practice in Thailand, she worked with children and adults that faced extreme physical and mental limitations. In those cases, Thai Massage proved to increase the quality of their life, as well as Elina's, which gave her more impetus to learn more about Thai Medicine,  Asian Bodywork, and other Traditional Healing practices!​ Elina's passion for travelling keeps her active in attending various Massage courses in Cyprus and around the world. She has been trained in other massage styles/therapies such as Chinese Gua Sha Therapy, Chinese Medical Cupping Suction Therapy, Ancient Thai Tok-Sen , Thai Reflexology, Yumeiho, Shiatsu, Hawaiian Massage, etc.

In 2017, she opened her first Massage Studio, 'Hammock Thai Massage Studio' in her efforts to practice Massage Therapy professionally, therapeutically, with purity and respect to the origins of her knowledge. After almost two years, Hammock Wellness Centre came to life in February 2019 and is growing organically ever since. In July 2021, Elina has expanded Hammock Wellness Centre even further, in all it's aspects to welcome more people to explore the Traditional Holistic Wellness World.

"This is my baby, i love it, and I want to raise it in a way that it respects everyone, and everyone respects it in return. Hammock will always be unique, just like every other life that unexpectedly survives the concrete and plastic jungle we live in! I can feel the competition and lack of authenticity in Cyprus, but this only makes the fire stronger and helps me  acknowledge my achievements! As a result, my crave for growth naturally expands, without shifting away from my ethics, and my primal and personal desire to be of help through a pro-active field of practice. Hands down, I love my job, and this eliminates fear, and fuels my passions"​ 

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Marilena Louka

Yoga Teacher & Mindfulness, Movement and Meditation Practitioner

Marilena's love for physical movement has its roots from childhood, when she started attending dance classes of various styles and swimming lessons. In addition to the benefits of physical exercise, she realized from an early age that through movement, she can express feelings, thoughts and ease her concerns. 

In 2011, she started her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Technology and in 2016, she moved to England for postgraduate studies in Environmental Health. At the same time, wanting to stay physically active, she started participating in yoga classes as a student. From the very first lessons she realized the physical and spiritual benefits of Yoga and soon began her training at the British School of Yoga to become a Yoga teacher. Her ultimate goal was to expand her knowledge and gain a holistic approach to health, beyond the interactions of health regulations in the workplace and the wider environment. This way she could also promote health at individual level, transmitting her experience and techniques to gain physical, mental and spiritual health and reach overall wellbeing. 

In 2017, after completing her postgraduate studies and earning the title of Registered Yoga Teacher (OCN Level 4) at BSY, she returned to Cyprus and began teaching yoga in studios and gyms. In 2018, she obtained a diploma in Mindfulness, Movement and Meditation and trained in the fields of Children’s Yoga (QLS Level 3) and Pre- and Post- Natal Yoga (QLS Level 3) in 2019, through the British School of Yoga. At the same time, she started working at Hammock Wellness Center. In 2020, she obtained a Pilates diploma (QLS Level 3) and a year later, she attended a Barre Belle seminar.  

Marilena believes "Yoga is not just a series of certain movements. It's an escape from the crazy world we live in. It teaches us to love ourselves, respect what's around us, accept the change and appreciate the little things in life. It's a place of stillness when all we need is calm and a source of energy when we feel exhausted." 

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Esmeralda Lamaj

Yoga & Pilates Instructor

Prenatal & Postnatal Instructor

EU & USA Registered

PhD©, MPH, MSc, BSc

Esmerada Lamaj is a PhD© of Public Health Program at European University Cyprus (2019-present). Graduate of the BSc Midwifery, Faculty of Health & Medical Care at International University of Thessaloniki (2005). Holds MPH (Master of Public Health) (2011), MSc Yoga Instructor (2018), Diploma: Perinatal Yoga Instructor (2017), Advanced Pilates (2018), MINGLE Project Mentor (2020-2021), ANAD Instructor (2019), Build Your Personal Yoga Business, US Yoga Alliance (2019), Advanced Hatha Yoga Instructor (2017), Pilates Instructor Mat level I & II with props (2016), Preparing and Supporting parents in the Perinatal period  (Eutokia Association 2015 ). Psychoprophylaxis Training, 2005-2019, Breastfeeding for Occupational Health (2011), Mental Resistance (2011), ALSO (Advanced Life Support in Obstetric) (2009), Family Planning (2009).

In 2021 participated at the 3rd Training European Program RISEUP-PPD Cost Action ‘Evidence-based Interventions in Peripartum Depression’ in Madrid. In 2020 she won a Scholarship at 2nd European Training Program RISEUP-PPD Cost Action. ‘Principle and Practices in Clinical Trial-Prevention and Treatment Strategies of Peripartum Depression Disorder’ in Barcelona. In 2019 she successfully won the 1st Scholarship of the Hellenic Psychoprophylaxis Society for an Innovative PhD Proposal Research with thesis: The Assessment of Postpartum Depression in Cyprus and the Effect of Psychoprophylaxis.

She performed her practice at the Public General Hospital Ippokratio Thessaloniki (2005). Since then she worked in few Private Hospitals and Clinics: as a Deputy Director/ SPV of Maternity/ Gynecology/ Neonatology/ NICU/ IVF at the Hygeia Group based in Tirana (2012-2018), Coordinator of Newborn Screening Program (2015-2017), Head Midwife at Apollonion Private Hospital in Nicosia (2007-2012), First Aid Staff in the White Satin Company at Mediterranean Cosmos Thessaloniki (2007), First Aid Staff in Pathology/ Orthopedic Clinic at Kilkis (2006). She has collaborated with many Obstetricians/ Gynecologists/ Embryologists/ Neonatologists and other specialized doctors.

She is participating in different activities as a Speaker, Trainer, Mentor, Member of Associations. She has been also the main Coordinator and Trainer in some projects of Hygeia Group and Member of the Quality Committee. She has also participated in scientific researches that have been published. She has volunteered at the Cyprus Association Family Planning Cyprus, Campaigns and Fundraising, First Aid Staff, Yoga and Pilates Instructor in gym and studios in Albania, New York and Cyprus. She is a Volunteer at the European University Cyprus and Member of the Yoga Association in America / Europe / India. She was a guest Trainer at the International University of Thessaloniki and also presented Prenatal Yoga and Pilates program in TV. She was a Yoga Instructor & Pilates in a Corporate Program in the New York Department of Transportation in America. She is Founder of the Perinatal Seminars of the Hygeia Group (2013-2018) and the Prenatal and Family Yogilates Studio in Tirana (2018). Esmeralda also works as an Instructor in Training Programs and as a Yoga & Pilates Instructor.  In addition, she is a Collaborator/Trainer of the Hellenic Association for the promotion of natural childbirth "Eutokia", as well as a Certified Trainer by the AnAD in Cyprus (Human Resource Development Principle)

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Derek Doritis

Yoga Instructor

With a mission to inspire people to live with love and light,
Derek will take you on a dynamic yoga journey to awaken your spirit.
He has received training in Ashtanga Vinyasa in India and Hatha Yoga in England.

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Nidhi Mishra

Yoga Therapist


My name is Nidhi and I am a Yoga therapist. I belong to the Birthplace of Yoga- India.

Growing up, yoga had always been a part of our family, however it became an integral part of my life since I recovered and regained my strength after suffering severe injuries from an accident. Yoga completely transformed me physically and spiritually.

A dedicated student of Yoga, I left my corporate career to start my journey as a Full time Yoga Teacher so that I could help people experience the miracles of Yoga and live their best potential life through its practice. I have worked as a Yoga Consultant with some Luxury Hotels in India, renowned studios and Private therapy sessions, conducted several events with the High Commission of India in promoting Yoga in Cyprus. Currently working as a freelance Workplace Yoga and Wellness consultant with a major Shipping company in Cyprus.

I am a certified Yoga teacher and evaluator certified by the Government of India, have been teaching Yoga since 7 years and have done my teacher’s trainings (1700 hours) from some renowned Schools of India like

·        Sivananda Yoga Vedanta, Uttarkashi

·        Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Shala, Mysore

·        The Yoga Institute, Mumbai

·        SVYASA university, Bangalore

·        Yoga Certification Board, Ministry of Ayush, India

·        MS in Yoga Therapy (pursuing)

I teach Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Gentle Yoga, Kids Yoga and Yoga Therapy for ailments such as Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Depression, Anxiety, Autoimmune disorders, , PCOD, arthritis, Spondylosis, Sciatica, Back Pain, Gastrointestinal disorders, Asthma, Bronchitis, ADHD, Neurological disorders etc

Holistic approach using Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy (IAYT),  a broad range of breathing exercise, asanas, pranayama, kriya, meditation, science of emotion culture and Special yogic techniques according to one’s need, abilities and requirement.

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Antonia Michalakakou

Music & Sound Therapist

MSc, BSc

Antonia utilizes music as a medium to release the stress and anxiety of people’s daily lives and assist others in discovering deep relaxation on the way towards a healthier and more peaceful life. She graduated in 2014 with BA Music at Lancaster University and she post graduated with her master degree on 2018 in MSc Music Therapy at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. 

Throughout her placement, she worked in a homeopathic clinic with ages from 11-60 years old, with cases of chronic illness, mental illness, depression, cancer, autoimmune diseases, chronic pain etc. This fact inspired her to further her knowledge in Sound Healing, where she followed an intensive training in Barcelona in 2019. 

For the best results, Antonia likes to use a combination of techniques in her practice. She explains that Music Therapy acts as a creative form of psychotherapy that involves receptive and interactive music-making towards building a therapeutic relationship, in order to understand and express feelings and emotions, interact and communicate. The aim is to release stress, anxiety or any tension trapped in the body and mind to enhance balance and reconnect with the inner self. 

“Everything around us it’s energy and sound. And so I work from my heart: together we give voice to the unsaid, we give rhythm to the body, we give purpose to the soul and we sing what we love, we sing of what we need, we express what we want.” Antonia

Antonia offers private and group sessions.

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Gerasimos Stroggilakos

Breathwork and Kinesiology Instructor

Gerasimos Stroggilakos is a Breathwork and Kinesiology Instructor who practices techniques stemming from various traditions as well as modern methods, combining ancient wisdom with the science of today. He is the founder of Breathe-Move-Connect and a licensed teacher of the GYROKINESIS(R) method. His love for life and deep connection with nature from his early childhood boosted his strong will to live a conscious, free and ecstatic life which led him to follow the pathway of his heart. Having been initiated in Shamanism from his youth and following an unusual life-style as an adult (living secluded in nature without modern essentials for years, etc.), he is mainly focused on the exploration and alignment of body-mind-soul-spirit. He has been trained on various systems & modalities and he persistently explores through experimenting and experiencing ways to awaken the true potential that exists within us with the strong belief that we all have the keys to open the doors that lead to the life of our dreams. He fervently believes that the body is the vehicle and the map of the soul and the daily guide of awareness and personal development. With the vision of an expanded human consciousness worldwide, he shares his knowledge and experiences through group and private sessions and events using specialized breathing, moving, mental and other shamanic techniques, which he uses in order to increase the level of vibrational energy, to provide soul healing from deep traumas, as well as to provide glimpses of deep euphoria and pure ecstasy as tools of a new way to experience inner balance and harmony in life.

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What to know before a Massage Therapy session

Prior to receiving any manual therapy you should have an empty stomach, consider a doctor's approval (according to your condition) , stay hydrated (due to detoxification) , be sober, and always remember that you control what pressure you receive.

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