Elina Elia

Hammock Wellness Centre Owner / Massage Therapist / Teacher of Thai Massage

Elina finished her Fine Arts Studies in 2015 at the University of West of England, and her source of energy was the act of working with her hands.  She finds it the most honest way to express herself!


In 2016 she went to Thailand, where she was trained by a high standard Massage School, fully recognized by the Thai Government and Ministry of Education of Thailand! In 2017 she completed the Government Certified Thai Massage Professional and Teacher Training. Affiliated with her School (TMC) she now teaches a variety of Thai Massage courses provided in the TMC's curriculum. 

During her practice in Thailand, she worked with children and adults that have extreme physical and mental limitations. In those cases, Thai Massage proved to increase the quality of their life, as well as Elina's, which gave her more impetus to learn more about the Thai Medicine Philosophy,  Asian Bodywork, and other Traditional Healing practices!

Elina is active in attending various Massage courses in Cyprus and around the world. She is also drawn and trained to other massage styles/therapies such as Gua Sha therapy, Chinese Medical Cupping Therapy, Ancient Tok-Sen , Thai Reflexology, Yumeiho, Shiatsu, Hawaiian Massage, etc. Her love for Thai Yoga Massage is so immeasurable, that so far everything she acquires connects and evolves around it it!

In 2017, she opened her first Massage Studio, 'Hammock Thai Massage Studio' in her efforts to practice Massage Therapy professionally, therapeutically, with purity and respect to the origins of her knowledge. After almost two years, Hammock Wellness Centre came to life in February 2019 and is growing organically since then! She never expected such a major turn in her career as she is mostly a do-er and not a planner, hence the organic and authentic growth. You can follow Hammock Wellness Center's growth and news on www.hammockcare.com !

"This is my baby, i love it, and I want to raise it in a way that it respects everyone, and everyone respects it in return. Hammock will be unique, just like every other life that unexpectedly survives the concrete and plastic jungle we live in! I can feel the competition and lack of innovation around me, businesses with similar concepts consciously or subconsciously following my intuition, but this only makes the fire stronger and helps me  credit my achievements, therefore my crave for growth naturally expands without shifting away from my ethics, and my primal and personal desire to be of help through a pro-active field of practice. Hands down, I love my job"​ 

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Marilena Louka

Yoga Teacher & Mindfulness, Movement and Meditation Practitioner

Marilena’s love of movement started at the young age of 5, when she first attended dance classes and swimming lessons, whereas she realized that movement is an amazing way to express herself and release tension soonish. She took part in many performances and used to practice several yoga postures as a stretching routine. In 2016, she moved to the UK and started attending yoga classes (Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Bikram) on a regular basis, so to combine physical exercise with mental serenity.

Appreciating all the benefits of yoga and wishing to help others experience them too, she became a registered BSY Yoga Teacher and Children’s Yoga Teacher and had a diploma in Mindfulness, Movement and Meditation. Then, she returned to Cyprus and started teaching yoga in gyms and studios. Her classes focus on Hatha, Vinyasa and Power yoga, whereas she enriches her repertoire with Yoga Ball and Yoga Fitness Fusion.

Υοga for Marilena: " Yoga is not just a series of certain movements. It's an escape from the crazy world we live in. It teaches us to love ourselves, respect what's around us, accept the change and appreciate the little things in life. It's a place of stillness when all we need is calm and a source of energy when we feel exhausted. "

Furthermore, wishing to expand her knowledge about yoga, she is currently having a distance training on Pre- and Post- Natal Yoga at the British School of Yoga.

In addition to the yoga background, Marilena has a bachelor in Environmental Science and Technology, and a master in Environmental Health.


Gavriela Papadopoulou

Clinical Nutritionist & Dietitian

Gavriela Papadopoulou graduated from the European University of Cyprus and was awarded a BSc in Nutrition-Dietetics (hons Cum Laude) and an MSc in Clinical Nutrition-Dietetics. She is currently studying to obtain an MSc in Sports Nutrition. Her Clinical Practice was established in Private Hospitals in Limassol, and Nicosia during her BSc and MSc degrees.

She structures personalized diet plans, based on the ‘’needs’’, medical history, eating habits and lifestyle of each person. More specifically, Gavriela also guides people with pathological conditions such as: Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, Increased Body Weight, Cardiovascular Diseases, Gastrointestinal and Digestive Diseases i.e Gastroesophageal Reflux, Ulcerative Disease, Pancreatitis, Gallstones, Liver Diseases etc. Her aim is to treat and prevent possible health problems through nutrition.

Beyond her academic development, she continues to attend training seminars and conferences regarding Nutrition from Greek and European institutions to ensure that she has regular contact with the latest developments in her research field.

Furthermore, Gavriela is a mentor at the European University of Cyprus, in collaboration with the German Oncology Center. In addition, she is a member of the Cyprus Dietitians and Nutritionists Association (CyDNA) and a member of the Cyprus Food Scientists and Food Technologists Registration Board.


What to know before a Massage Therapy session

Prior to receiving any manual therapy you should have an empty stomach, consider a doctor's approval (according to your condition) , stay hydrated (due to detoxification) , be sober, and always remember that you control what pressure you receive.



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