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Health Over Wealth, Self-Activism, and Healthy Boundaries .

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

I posted on Instagram the other day, and what I posted wasn't what I initially started to write. My main target was to share with you my forever short moto I use to ground my modern self to a mindful and healthy self (there is always space for improvement) ; in words, #healthoverwealth or else, Health is the only Wealth. In addition, I wanted to send out a friendly reminder that my Massage Clinic is fully booked for the next month. Then, I got stuck somewhere in the middle when I first typed the word Self-Activism, deleted my text, and signed up for expanding my thought during the weekend.

This was the post:

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What does #healthoverwealth really has to do with the fact that The Massage Clinic is Fully booked for Febuary?

Numerous links...Let's see...

I will always urge you to fight excess consumerism and to spend more of your time or money, investing in a healthier, calmer, and happier self. On the contrary, I shared that I am unable to be of service to more people for the upcoming month.

Keep that thought...🙏

Moreover, the waiting list for cancellations is quite long, and still growing. Would like to raise this matter: Please be patient, compassionate, and kind enough to either wait for vacancies, or to book a session further ahead if you are aware of your schedule. Communication is key, so please always reach out, ask me anything, I love that. I will get back as soon as I can. However, I will do my best to be of help whether you ask for it or not, and I will prioritize bookings the way I know best 🙏

What is happening here, is that whilst you may fight to break free from useless or harmful habits, your mind and body routine, anxiety, lack of spirituality, any kind of blockage, or simply need a reboot, and youpush the strings to achieve your goal via Massage Therapy ONLY, you may be risking being free from attachment, and to be in control over your Wellbeing. It's another harmful overkill to put your Wellbeing on hold because you can't find an appointment with me or any other Massage Therapist.

At the same time that I share with you a form of Healthy Boundaries, and how I perceive their impact over my life, I have to simultaneously set some boundaries for myself. I know that anyone who would bother read this, simply cares - connects - appreciates , so this post comes out guilt-free. This blog is open to read for our members only, so the good news is that there is no introduction needed. This is great, as Massage Therapy and Bodywork Practice is quite different for each one of you.

You all know the energy I put into every single session with you. If I don't tame , control, observe what happens with that, it will be catastrophic. Just like when I tell you to take breaks, to ground your self, to rest, to prioritize life as a gift and respect it, be mindful and to embrace Holistic Health; I have to always walk this path myself, and live in truth 💚

Massage Therapy is one of the most ancient, efficient, non-invasive and beautiful ways to shield and promote your #wellbeing, achieve #freeflow of #energy, enhance your mood, balance #mindbodyspirit, receive loving touch, release muscular and emotional tension, unblock the body through authentic bodywork and so so much more.

However, there are so many other Holistic Practices suitable to aid to some of the above. To a path towards a healthier self to all levels, we are expected to take control over our health, and build healthy habits. To name a few, these habits require an active self-care routine, the ability to receive holistic practices both in passive/actice ways, the strength to avoid harmful extremes, the wisdom to foresee what may be harmful, the wilderness to embrace and promote the underlying kind and loving nature of the humanity in modern societies even if you don't see it, and be consistent to your self-care.

The most important to all of the above is that Practices such as Massage Therapy cannot be framed to individuals who NEED it, but more to everyone who understands it. It's such an honor that you choose my service to your path to a better you, and I will always thank you and my life that I am in that position. From this position, I am also determined to not lose myself, embrace my wilderness, claim my freedom, set my boundaries, and never feed off of your need/wish for my service.

Self-Activism for me became a way of Life way before this profession. I have been claiming my rights as a child, and this is what brought me here, to choose Massage Therapy as a profession that will elevate my existence and allow me to practically help others. There is no way back, no way to lose my rights, I aim to be a complete person, a complete woman. A complete person can never be just one thing all day.

Wealth in this case for me, could be the money I receive from you. If I prioritized wealth, I would have no limit to my bookings, and would always respond to your last-minute requests (😇) . I started this "job" with 100 "No's" and 5 "Yesses" and this is what I try to share with you. Self-Activism. My 5 "Yesses" to offer my service may be of help so here they are...I only say yes to:

- Ethical Practice

- Safe/Effective Practice

- Omnipresent time limit of sessions set within a day (needed adjustment, fixed)

- Respect

- Honesty

All of the above on both ends, for me, and you.

You may sabotage yourself when you rely on someone's service to heal, rejuvenate, reconnect, empty, restore, rest. I may sabotage myself when I rely on you. So I make sure to have my 5 "yesses" intact , which gives me the confidence to never have to rely.