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ENDORPHINS & MASSAGE THERAPY - Natural Pain Killer & Mood Booster

My free time always somehow evolves around my practice whether that is quality time with myself which is often my natural response when advising you to do the same daily, expanding my practical knowledge in bodywork, and sharing more insights on what Massage Therapy can assist you with in your life! This week I chose to briefly introduce you to what Endorphines are and how Massage Therapy and other activities can help you naturally survive the negative physical, psychological and mental agents of our life on earth.

Endorphines or else our "feel-good chemicals" are produced by the nervous system and pituitary gland during activities such as holistic medicin, exercise etc (read more on "how to" coming up)

The word endorphin derives from the word "endogenous" (within the body) and the word "morphine" (pain reliever)

Endorphine release reduces pain, boosts pleasure, promotes a feeling of wellbeing, and reduces stress.

Endorphin Deficiency

If you experience the following symptoms you may have Endorphin Deficiency:

Anxiety / Depression / Moodiness /Sleep Disorders /Aches and Pains / Addiction / Impulsive Behavior

How to NATURALLY boost Endorphines:

Traditional Bodywork & Holistic Practices:

•Massage Therapy (more specifically •Therapies which include drugs pressure points/accupressure)




•Cupping Therapy


Indoor/Outdoor Activities:

•Exercise (any exercise)

•Sexual Intercourse

•Creativity (music & art)



•Watch a funny/dramatic/romantic/educational movie


•Eat Dark Chocolate

•Drink a glass of red wine

•Eat or even better cook your favorite dish

Massage Therapy, Endorphines & Lifestyle

My social aim as a Massage Therapist is to help raise awareness in living a proactive lifestyle, so to naturally avoid any psychological, mental, and physical illnesses and disorders.

Massage Therapy acts and helps as a pre-event agent in all scenarios by increasing the positive hormones (endorphins, serotonin,dopamine) and promotes relaxation. Thus, it reduces anxiety, nervousness, tension, and stress.

This pre-event lifestyle formulation helps a person perform best during any event. A very good example is Pregnancy. During Pregnancy some women experience high levels of stress, anxiety and tension. Pregnant women should receive Professional Prenatal Massage Therapy often during pregnancy which will in turn help them feel better during pregnancy and have a much more pleasant experience during delivering their baby in this world.

Other social examples that Massage Therapy can assist you with are:

Public Speeches, Court Representation, Athletic Championships, Corporate Events, Panick Attacks and so much more...

Each person lives a different lifestyle, therefore each person needs a different approach in Massage Therapy. Therefore, a more active approach and communication with your Massage Therapist is vital to ensure you are choosing the best Massage Therapy for your lifestyle.

I hope this article was helpful, it has surely made my day knowing I've put this here, in this space, where all of you are part of simply because you are active in improving your lifestyle !

Your Massage Therapist & Bodyworker,

Elina Elia 💚🙏

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