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Red Light Therapy and the Coronavirus

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

PLEASE READ before reading the article below!!!

I have been trying to bring you closer to Red Light Therapy for a long time now. I have been digging into it due to the fact that as a Therapist I have a limitation when it comes to helping you get over injuries, skin marks, chronic tendonitis etc. As a result, I wanted to offer an alternative solutio for you and your family at the comfort of your home. After trying it myself and with my clients I finally trusted the device and I was ready to share it with you but didnt have the time to invest in it due to my busy schedule ... Due to this lockdown I now have the time, it is quite unfortunate/ironic that I managed to publish this during this times but... it turns out is can be even more helpful now!!

This being told the article below states how Red Light Therapy is proved to help with CoronaVirus prevention amongst all other benefits! Hammock ensures a discount code for your purchase if you are ready to install this health optimization device into your homes (Your Therapist, Elina) 6 QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE ON RED LIGHT THERAPY AND THE CORONA VIRUS We find ourselves living in an uncertain and daunting time at the moment. With countries all around the world going into lock-down, it makes sense if you are starting to wonder what measures you can take to make sure you keep yourselves and your family safe and healthy. We believe that the effects of our Red Light Therapy (RLT) treatments can help you in this regard, helping to develop stronger and boosted immune systems for both you and your children to fight off illnesses and infections. Below are six questions you might have on RLT and how it can help you support your immunity:  Q. How can Red Light Therapy help protect me against The Coronavirus and getting sick in general? A. Red Light Therapy works like any other protocol known to improve health and well-being in the body. A nutritious diet, a healthy sleeping pattern and regular exercise all contribute significantly to keeping energy production in the cells at an optimal level. If we find ourselves straying too far from lifestyle choices that are not conducive to our optimal health, i.e. eating poorly or not sleeping enough, then our body has to make a sacrifice somewhere and spreads less available energy across it’s whole system. As a consequence, we have less resources than our body requires to fight off an illness or infection, and we become at a greater risk to falling foul to them. Red Light Therapy appears to be an “immune nutrient” that supports optimal immune function in a wide variety of different scenarios and health conditions.  It positively affects immune function regardless of pre-existing conditions or imbalanced immune system due to autoimmune disease. Studies on White Blood Cells show that RLT can increase activity of these immune cells within our bloodstream and internally.  Thus bolstering our immune function and protecting against foreign infections. As you know, RLT increases Nitric Oxide production.  Recent studies have demonstrated that Nitric Oxide Inhibits the Replication Cycle of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus.  The results demonstrated that NO specifically inhibits the replication cycle of SARS CoV, most probably during the early steps of infection, suggesting that the production of NO results in an antiviral effect. Red light therapy, along with all the other protocols known to improve health and wellbeing, (Fasting/ time restricted eating, circadian rhythm optimisation, nutritious diet, adequate sleep, cold therapy, sauna/ heat therapy, exercise, sense of community ) will contribute significantly to keeping energy production optimal in the cells, contributing to proper function of all the bodies systems which will help keep immune system vibrant and strong. Q. How much would I have to use RLT in order to feel these effects and build my cellular resilience? A. As human’s we all know that everybody is different, and therefore everyone reacts differently to various protocols. For example, some people will swear by plant-based diets in respects to making them feel healthier and more active, whereas another individual on the same diet may not feel the same effects to the same extent. This is one of the great advantages of RLT. While it may affect everyone differently, we guarantee it to have a sustained positive effect on you in some way.  Usually we would recommend that you start off with a 10 minute treatment every morning focusing on your face, throat and chest and after a few days of this, increasing time gradually to a 20 minute morning treatment, splitting 10 minutes towards the front and 10 mins on the back of your body.  However, with the current climate and focus surrounding immunity support we believe that the bodies vital organs as well as the lungs, stomach and the face would be the most preferable area to expose to the treatment. Q. My children are currently having to stay home to prevent the spread of the virus. Is it safe for them to be around the units? A. Absolutely, in fact, we believe there to be just as many benefits of RLT on children as there are for adults.   Given children are smaller than adults, we would recommend that they rest a slightly greater distance from the light. RLT has been shown to not negatively impact melatonin production when used at night, meaning that a short session before bed could result in a better night sleep for the whole family.  We would suggest starting with slightly shorter treatments and monitoring the increase in energy levels and sleep quality from there. As we have already mentioned, RLT can be extremely invigorating and energising for humans, so if your children are experiencing the same level of treatment as an adult, it might make them too energetic just before bedtime if used in the evening! Q. What sort of space would I need to accommodate in my home to have a Red Light set up? A. When it comes to RLT we fundamentally believe that the bigger, the better. Our justification for this is that the bigger the device you have, the more surface area of your skin and body you will be able to treat in one session. The more of your body you are treating and exposing to the full effects of the Red Light, the greater the number of biochemical reactions and increased  cellular energy that can be stimulated across the body, thus maximising the stimulation of blood flow, energy production and anti-inflammatory processes. Q. How economical and cost effective is it to run the red light panels? A. If we take an average family of four (two parents and two children), for them to use the 600w Full Stack for one hour between all four of them, on a daily basis, we estimate would cost roughly £2.50 a month. Although of course this will depend entirely on individual energy suppliers. Q. How easy is the unit to maintain and clean to help prevent the spread of germs? A. Cleaning a Red Light unit is no different to cleaning any other piece of furniture in your home. A dusting or cleaning cloth with anti-bacterial spray, or anti-bacterial wipes (non-alcoholic) is more than enough to help maintain and keep it clean. However, we would stress you to please be aware that it of course runs off of electricity, so do keep water and fluids away from it at all times. We hope this has answered any questions you may have around RLT and how it can help you deal with the ongoing global situation we are all facing ! Article written by : Bryan from Red Light Rising Team To read more about Red Light Therapy benefits, and purchase your device with our DISCOUNT CODE our Red Light Therapy page on our website. The direct link is !

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