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Neck Stretch against resistance (video)

Filmed this self-stretch against resistance as an addition to your neck #selfmassage routine (check out previous articles ✌) To perform this stretch effectively use a stable object/furniture, stabilize your core, and use your finger tips to grab it. To maximize trapezius muscle stretch, the palm baring your weight should be facing downwards.You can play with that once you get hold of it (I.e grab a round pole/stairs). Inhale in your "passive" pose and exhale while pushing the head towards your arm pit and leaning your body away from the furniture. Release pressure on the head, go back to your centre, and do it again 🙂

Stretching against resistance is the most effective mobility and flexibility stretching! It almost instantly loosens muscles and fights sitting side effects such as densing the #fascia layer. Stretching against resistance is one of the main characteristics of Thai Yoga Massage Practice (which I miss so much these days!!!) 😶

Though Thai Yoga is way deeper, works internally, stimulates nervous/respiratory/digestive system, balancing your body mechanics (wellbeing) and offering the most important of all, human touch (not sexual) , this is the closest (and safe) to our push & pull stretches without equipment 🤲

Do it only after you have completed your neck Massage routine! 💚

Repeat daily 3 sets of 10 to each side ! I hope this is helpful !

Elina 🙏

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