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Neck Self-Massage Video

Self neck massage for neck stiffness, neck pain and oxygenation of the brain✌

Dont overdo it with pressure, learn to slide and flip over your #muscles to provide space for #oxygen to pass through! It will never feel like someone is massaging you, it's a simple #selfcare routine for your neck. If you find a #muscleknot that you consider something unwanted then be a little persistent over there while breathing in and out slowly (try to memorize the way we work together if you are my client) BUT don't overdo it as you might cause unnecessary #inflammation. Take it easy, and repeat tomorrow until it melts away.

Another tip 👉 keEp your shoulders relaxed, you dont want to cause shoulder stiffness while you are trying to get rid of it overall right? So pressure is not what you are going for, give space to your body!

Send me a message for any questions you might have 🙋‍♀️

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