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Kyphosis Wall Exercise (video)

A very good exercise for Kyphosis (hunchback) using the wall. We are all building up curvature on our upper back during lock down, some less some more 🤫

TIP: The most important factor to get this right is to keep your tailbone tucked in at all times and repeat only with a tucked tailbone. Doing this with a back bend or hollow back will not benefit your upper back ⚠️


EXTRA BENEFIT : Scapular stretch. Try to keep your scapula bones as close to to wall as possible 🙆‍♂️ .

Kyphosis can derive from spending tons of time on the 💻 , on the🤳, on the 🛋, reading a 📚 and so on ❕People who suffer from #kyphosis experience less breathing benefits as their chest and lungs are curved inwards and lack capacity for oxygen. Keeping your chest open by extending your shoulders backwards is the best aid you can provide yourself with when it comes to breathing and allowing oxygen to enter your body (which is something you should be grateful for) 🙂

So, now that you have all the time in the world, it's probably wise to learn how to maximize your breath don't you think? Better late than never 😏

The processing of oxygen inside your body acts as the transportation of your blood and all other liquids to where they are meant to flow. This is a more complicated process that you dont need to know more about if you learn how to breath properly. You can leave it up to your body mechanics and me to work on your wind channels 😅

Dont underestimate the benefits of this exercise and do it daily 10-20 times!! 🙏

Loooots of love!

Elina 💚

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