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Gua Sha for jaw-line tension release (video)

Jaw Line tension release with the GuaSha board !!

In relation to COVID19 or any other subject that currently upsets you, I want you to be careful of the levels of stress you allow to enter internally, hence this video.

Throughout my practice, I have witnessed that one of the top 3 areas affected during stressful periods or stress behaviour is the jaw, aka jaw clenching . Clenching your jaw can leave you with terrible headache or migraine etc..

As I can't be of any help these days I thought I should show you some techniques to daily relax your jaw using your GuaSha tool & Gua Sha Gift Set!

The process:

I used the jade roller to effectively apply my oil, then used my board to really go deep inside that jaw line. Be careful to hold on to your skin with your free hand to avoid stretching of skin. Go near the nose and move your board outwards towards your cheeks to help with nasal congestion,

mucus, and blocked nose to flash out the liquids through the lymphatic exit points. Go as deep as you feel comfortable with and thoroughly clean your roller and board with pure alcohol and any oil after any use; my Mr.Cool sock does the job just fine!

If your loved one is clenching their jaw during sleep but are not aware of it, massaging their jaw with the Gua sha board will help them relax their jaw and will naturally develop a muscle habit to keep it relaxed during sleep. Just be consistent with it.

Hope this was helpful!

Elina 💚

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