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Essential Oil Diffuser Blends for Aromatherapy - Your Therapist's Choice

After tons of research and trials with Hammockcare Essential Oils and our Essential Oil Diffusers these are the blends I came up with to reach certain moods through Aromatherapy!

Essential Oil Diffusers are much preferred in comparison to other Aromatherapy methods such as heating your oils because through the cool diffuser device you save up so much more quantity and the benefits of each oil are maintained! Where as with heating them you lose some of the nutrients!

All Essential Oils can be found at Hammock Boutique Store! Contact me for more information on the Oils and if you already have some of them to try out some blends send me your feedback please! Remember, we have a certain HammockCare Essential Oil Collection at very low prices due to our special deal from our suppliers as we are not being competitive in the market as an actual shop. Most of these Essential Oils are much more expensive in actual stores.

We keep our member list tight but make sure you invite people who enjoy and appreciate articles like this to join Hammock Centre on the Wix App!

Side-Note: Our Diffusers have been sold out from first week of lockdown because our clients were so smart they decided to disinfect their homes with Essential Oil Diffusers! We will have new ones for you once this is over as costs are crazy at the moment.

One of my favorite blends is Lavender + Tea Tree !!! 💚💜 It is not included because this is just me , but keep in mind your own preferences are such an important factor for Aromatherapy!

Have the best day ever, make the most out of it, Elina Elia 💚

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