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3 Easy & Effective Upper Back Stretches for Home (video)

Ideally you want to be half kneeling so your lower back is fully relaxed! In that case, if you have a bath tub you can kneel and stretch there! If you dont, your kitchen sink will do the trick but you'll be standing. Didnt feel like filming this in my bathroom so the chair is just used for demonstration. Not very stable as you can see. So ⬇️

1. Straight arms, relaxed fingers, and let your chest fall under your arms! Your knees are under the hips and lower back falls into cat pose so your back can trully relax into the stretch!

2. Your finger tips grab your stable object so you can add resistance to your stretch by pulling backwards. Bring your knees closer while your hips try to sit on the toes. Your chest should still fall under the arms.

3. Palms together behind your scapula , elbows stable on your solid base and chest under armpits. Let your head fall and relax the neck! .

⏳ Stay in each stretch for 1 minute while inhaling/exhaling deeply and slowly.

👉 Many use the wall to stretch their shoulders, but this way you get to stretch your upper back too !!

If our online Yoga classes are not your kind of body positive, these will help resist your upper back curvature, caused by wrong sitting/laying position, too much tv/phone use these days 🙏

Your Therapist,

Elina 💚

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