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This figure depicts the Historical Buddha in the last moments of life on earth, entering Nirvana ! Because the Buddha had gained enlightenment in this lifetime, the Buddha was able to escape the endless cycle of birth - death - rebirth (known as samsara) and was able to enter Nirvana. In this pose, the Buddha is always depicted lying on the right hand side on top of a resting table.


The detail on this figure is stunning, the fabric of Buddha's clothing and the details around the floor of the figure are so well made. Even the bottom of the piece shows the precision it's maker. Such a beautiful creation! It will trully bring tranquility to it's byer's home ! 


Material : Resin

Dimensions: Height: 11.5 cm  /  Width: 28cm  /  Length: 8.5cm 

* Comes with certificate of legal export (only required for Holy figures and large scale statues)

The Gold Nirvana Buddha

  • No Returns accepted as these pieces are unique & handmade , hence they are exactly as shown in the images/ description :) 

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