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'"Sawadee Ka" is probably the most used phrase in Thailand ! It means "hello" and it is always accompanied with a very positive grin, as Thailand is indeed the land of smiles (Males use Sawadee Krap" instead ) These statues are also very important as they are placed outside/inside of almost all entrances in Thailand whether that is a shop, a saloon, a spa, a home and so on! They come in all types of sizes, even bigger than humans !  We were lucky enough to meet the person who makes these in Northern Thailand and managed to get him to make some for us! These are made with so much love, made one by one, with such care given to the representation of the positive and smiley grin of the Thai ladies! The golden detail and green/red outfit trully represents the Thai Lanna style!


We can't imagine a more welcoming & vibrant pair of decor to have at the entrance of your home or garden :)


Dimensions : Height: 38.5cm  / Width:  7cm  /  Length:  5cm

Material: Wood

"Sawadee Ka" Thai Ladies Set (Small )

  • No returns as these  are unique & handmade pieces of art and are exactly as shown on the images/description :)

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