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A beautiful gift set that includes all 5 of our Golden Edition collection herbal blends. Organic Herbal Blend combinations: Hangover, Digest, Love, Vitality and Relax.

The perfect gift to treat yourself or someone you love.

● CONTAINS : Each Golden Edition Cylinder contains 15 Handmade Muslin Tea Bags

Benefits of Handmade Herbal Saristi Tea :


🌿 Functional Herb Mixes

🌿 100% Natural & Holistic

🌿 Only Herbs (No Tea Leaves)

🌿 Vegan Candle

🌿 Eco Friendly Handmade Material

🌿 Free from : Coloring, Additives, Flavoring, Gluten, Sugar, GMO)

🌿 Award Winning Taste

🌿 Award Winning Design


Saristi - The Botany of Harmony herbal infusions is a Greek company that specializes in Organic Specialty Herbal Tea. Our team of botanists have perfected the art of combining the ancient traditions of plant medicine with modern-day science into 5 unique functional Organic Herbal Blend combinations: Hangover, Digest, Love, Vitality and Relax.

They meticulously research and select only the healthiest and most potent herbs of Mother Earth to create their unique herbal infusions. Tested for both taste and optimal benefits, our products are processed and packaged to meet the highest quality standards of production and safety the needs of consumers around the world.

Each SARISTI blend is created with love and care. Unique bio energies flow through each handpicked herbal blend, activating remedies that rebalance the mind, body and soul.

Discover the power of Organic herbs and spices with these wonderful herbal Greek teas and candles. Transform your life and empower your journey towards natural wellness and self-discovery, one cup at a time…

Saristi Cuore e Mente Gift Set

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