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Incense cones handmade by a family in Thailand that I met back in 2016 in my travels. The incense is made by Thai flowers, some may be unknown to you but they are so delicate, magical, and different to what you have encountered before. They have zero powder on them !

Ever since, my clients got obsessed with these little heavenly incense, but I couldn't find the daughters of the family every time I went back, and I'm there every year!!

In my last trip there April 2024, I unexpectedly met one of the daughters again in a night market. And of course, I've restocked as many as I could bring along.

I finally got their contact, so I hope I can get them to ship them overseas for us in the future.

Rare Thai Handmade Incense Cones (10pcs)

Aroma & Colour
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