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This perfectly handmade Lavender pillow is made with 100% Cotton fabric , filled with Organic dried Lavender and flaxseeds !

These pillows are made solely for your deep relaxation and tension release of the neck area muscles (back and around the neck), other big muscle groups, and overall promotes your Wellbeing. Aside from muscle restoration and relaxation, it can also assist you in various symptoms/ailments and promote alternative Wellbeing methods such as :



Panic Attacks

Menstrual Pain

Headaches/ Migraines (cold)

Black Circles / Puffy Eyes (cold)

Muscle Pain

Joint Pain

Yoga Nidra/Savassana


The Anti-Stress and tension release Lavender Pillow Gift Box consists of a leaflet of all possible ways to use your pillow

The cotton cloth is carefully washed with bio unsented product and is ironed to perfection.

Neck Wrap Lavender Pillow / Gift Box

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