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The MEDITATION Aromatherapy Candle is heaven in a pop jar and is ethically made to accomodate your yoga - meditation - grounding practice! It is unique and handpoured for Hammock Boutique in the UK. Ethically sourced and hand-poured with plant wax in a thick pop jar with bamboo lid, ready for upcycle!

The 'MEDITATION' candle is a handpour of 650ml essential oil blend, which may also be used as a Massage Candle as it's safe to rub on skin. It's natural cotton wick ensures a toxic free burn. To secure for your next vurn, cover with the natural bamboo cover.

The essential oil blend of Ho Wood Oil, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Clary Sage, Orange is deeply relaxing and balancing !

Aromatherapy Effect : Meditative, Balances Nervous System, Grounding

Usage: Ideal for meditation, grounding, yoga, healing,balancing, re-centering moments with yourself. Enjoy peaceful and grounding aromatherapy experience.



🕎650 ML / 80 HRS Burn Time


🌸Massage Candle


🌸Pregnancy & Kid Friendly

🌸Paraben Free

🌸Paraffin Free

🌸Petroleum Free

🌸Upcycle Product

MEDITATION Aromatherapy Candle - 650ml

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