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Kutus Kutus Minyak Balur Oil: 


This is a healing oil that comprises 100% natural formulation of 69 medicinal plants and herbs as well as some essential oils! The Ingredients used to make the oil base are coconut oil and a combination of essential oils. 


The Meaning of Kutus Kutus?


There are two exciting philosophies involved in the selection of the 69 different herbs:


i. The theory of “The five sections of the Tree of Life.” This means that every part of a tree; the roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruit must undergo synergy.  


ii. The philosophy of “Two Natural Elements,” that is water and fire. These two elements of the universe constitute the Kutus-Kutus oil making process.   


Kutus Kutus aims at managing 50 ailments including pains, strains, bruising, coughs, colds, insomnia, joint pain, rheumatism, arthritis among others. Read below for more :




Improves and increases your metabolismIncreases the performance of your inner organsStimulates blood circulationBalances hormone levelsStrengthens and revitalizes the immune systemHelps Sleep ProblemsRheumatismPain in the jointsNeck pain, tension in the neck, pinched nerveMuscle pain, courtships, bruisesMuscle crampsIndigestion, Constipation, Menstrual PainUlcers, cystsCold and fever, coughMigraine, headachesIrregular periodsToothacheallergies (food, dust, aroma, environment), itchinghelps with mosquito and other insect bitescare of open wounds, cuts and burnsGout


The aromas help for a balanced emotional balance and thereby help to neutralize insomnia, stress, dep