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Incense are plant materials that are burned to release their fragrant aromas. They come packaged in sticks, cones, and powders in fragrances from sandalwood to jasmine to palo santo, but our collection has no limits. All our incense is handmade upon selection of our own blend of plants and flowers.


Incense has been around for centuries, and it still has a place in many spiritual and religious rituals in cultures around the world.


Benefits of adding incense burning into your routine.


1.To clear negative energy.

Anytime you're going to start a project, perform a ritual, or even do some yoga, burning incense beforehand can set the tone. "Burning sage or copal can be a ritual of purification, clearing out negative energy,"


.2.To deepen concentration while meditating.

There are a number of scents believed to help improve concentration and focus, like peppermint and lemon. "Frankincense is great for meditation,"


.3.To connect to your memories.

Have a smell that makes you feel particularly sentimental or thoughtful? Burn that incense for a trip back in time. Of all our senses, our sense of smell is the only one to go directly to the brain. This can evoke memories of the past.


4.To open your heart center.

If you feel like your heart chakra is a little closed off, certain smells can do the trick to help you open up. Jasmine and rose, are two that are great for connecting to love.


5.To help you relax and unwind

Studies have shown that certain scents, particularly scents like Iavender, can have a calming effect on our nervous systems. Lavender or sandalwood can evoke a state of meditation and peace.


6. To incorporate the fire element into your rituals

In many traditions like ayurveda (India's ancient system of medicine) and traditional Chinese medicine, the natural elements need to be balanced before true healing can begin. Using incense as a source of fire alongside the other elements (water, earth, air, and space) during healing rituals can deepen and balance your practice.


7. To connect to your sense of spirituality or religion.

"Many indigenous cultures believe that burning incense sends our prayers directly up to Spirit,"


8. To practice mindfulness

Stimulating the senses is a great way to engage in the present moment.


9. To get grounded:  cedar, vetiver, and any wood incense are excellent scents for grounding. Feeling overwhelmed or anxious? Light either of those scents and take some deep breaths for a greater sense of calm in the moment.


Safe Burn:


it's important to keep safety in mind.


  • Do:Open a window during or after burning.
  • Burn one stick at a time, especially if you have asthma or any other lung condition.
  • Go for all-natural incense that were sustainably cultivated.
  • Don't:Leave incense burning unattended.




  • Burn incense if you have pre-existing respiratory conditions
  • Use incense with synthetic or artificial properties.

    Incense is be a great addition to anyhealing practice, and burning them is a soothing ritual while you go about your daily routine as well. Our Incense cones are made wit the finest essential oils and fragrance oils, ensuring a high quality burning experience.


Our collectionis handmade in UK


  • Come in  10's 



Size: 1" / 2.50cm



Packed in cotton/fabric bags of 10 with aroma lavel stickers to differentiate between aromas. If you would like to mix them up for a gift arrangement please leave a message with your order.


* Cones in the pictures are examples of different placements and varieties of colours. No additional items such as cone burners/stands are included. For burners & stands please navigate in our store. 

Handmade Incense Cones (10 cones) - made with essential oils

Aroma & Colour
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