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Our unique, 100% naturally sourced soya and rapeseed oil wax blend has been combined with 8 top quality fragrance blends. Each pot comes with a matching ceramic lid, and is presented in a colour-matched, high quality safety box with our own Hammock Care branding. Handpoured with love to suit a hiqh quality product and handmade minimal design.


Burn time: Approx 70 hours
Wax weight: 280g


- Paraben free
- Vegan - no animal products or beeswax
- Burns cleanly, hardly any soot produced
- Fine quality essential and fragrance oil
- Made in Britain
- Eco friendly
- Cotton wicks with a paper core

- Upcycle product


Fragrance notes:


Tonka Bean & Patchouli: A beautiful fragrance of creamy tonka bean which is complex and sweet like vanilla with enticing notes of spices and tobacco with a rich patchouli base note.


Moroccan Rose: A beautiful, deep, spicy rose fragrance evoking the smell of the Marrakesh Souks.


Oud & Tobacco Leaf: A delicate, smokey fragrance with a hint of whiskey, a middle note of cinnamon and coriander, and a smokey base note of tobacco and incense.


Saffron, Amberwood, Moss & Fir: A rich fragrance with top notes of saffron and jasmine, combined with the earthy middle notes of rosemary, tagette and amberwood. Set off with the woody base notes of cedar, moss and fir resin.


Shiso, Vetiver & Frankincense: A light, crisp fragrance with the top notes of cardamon and eucalyptus, warmed with middle notes of ginger and a hint of mimosa completed with the earthy base notes of vetiver and amber.



HammockCare Ceramic Candle Range

Aroma & Colour
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