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Gua Sha Boards are Asian people's best friend. The Gua Sha Board carries all the benefits of a Gua Sha Treatment.


Beauty & Therapeutic Benefits:

Face Lift

Face Sculpt

Face Detox

Boost Circulation for a rosier face

Smooth wrinkles and fine lines

Ease face discolorations

Use to soothe headaches & migraines

Relax clenging jaw

Use to release tension on neck area

Helps acne & rosacea


The cosmetic industry will only guide you to what is easier for you to use but not what's best for you as they consider it's audience lazy. They praised face rollers with the benefits of the gua sha board as the rollers are easier to use. The Gua Sha Boards are the real contributors to your skin health.


When it comes to Face lift, face sculpt & face detox the answer is a Gua Sha Board !


However the rollers are also important as they are easier and faster to use daily while applying your product so you don't waste your product by applying it on the face with your hands, instead you use your finger tip or use bottles with droppers and then use the roller to apply it to the rest of the face! You can purchase our sets for enjoying the benefits of both!


For both you will need to use natural products, natural oils (you may want to enrich them with essental oils) or natural face serums. The reason is that the gua sha products help your moisturizers to go deeper into the skin so you want to avoid chemicals going that deep.


Some people love to use 2 boards at the same time for both sides of the face hence we sell them individually so you can purchase as many as you wish. Many of you may already own a roller or broke their boards. We usually have both crystal types (rose quartz & green aventurine) but they are often sold out!


For more tips on how to use your Gua Sha Boards, please dont hesitate to email us!

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Gua Sha Face Lift Massage Tool

  • You may contact us to return the product for full refund on the first day you received it in case you consider the crystals to be faulty items (scratched, damaged, dangerous). If you exceed this 24 hour window the product will be considered used and cannot be returned. Colour preference does not count as faulty item as these are made from raw material and naturally the stone colour variations cannot be controled.

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