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Gua Sha Facial Treatment is a Chinese medical technique used by Asian men and women, to maintain the health of their skin naturally! To enjoy the benefits of Gua Sha ritual it is essential to use your set several times per week.



The set includes one face roller, one gua sha board, one box (box design varries), and care instructions from us. 

Each roller & board has different colour variations as they are natural-raw-earth crystals and colours cannot be controlled.

Rose Quartz set comes with rose-gold detail.

Green Aventurine set comes with gold detail.


•Promotes lymph drainage and blood circulation around the face and neck

•Naturally releases toxins and congestion around the face area.

•Smoothens skin and reduces wrinkles

•Natural face lift 

•Promotes health of tissue under the skin, making your skin more radiant and beautiful

•Sculpts your facial features 

•Improves dark circles and bags under eyes 

•Firms up facial muscles

•Lightens up spots and other skin discolorations

•Helps clear up acne, rosacea, and other skin dideases

•Very gentle and relaxing.


You may visit our Wellness Centre website - , to book a complete Gua Sha Facial Treatment if you want your face glowing for a special event.


Check our Carrier Oil Collection for 100% natural moisturizers to use during your natural gua sha face care treatment! Your skin will thank you for it!

Skin Care Facial Gift Set - Gua Sha Tool & Roller

  • You may contact us to return the product for full refund on the first day you received it in case you consider the crystals to be faulty items (scratched, damaged, dangerous). If you exceed this 24 hour window the product will be considered used and cannot be returned. Colour preference does not count as faulty item as these are made from raw material and naturally the stone colour variations cannot be controled.

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