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This pair is a so well made, with such detail and so beautifully hand painted  with dark gold paint that it will surely stand out inside your home and bring peaceful energy to your household! 

Meaning: The Thai Thepphanom Statue Pair statues refer to an Angel or deity who is a Temple Protector and Guardian, often represented as a pair, a brother and sister with hands at Wai position praying and offering respect ! Thephanom came to Earth when Buddha reached enlightenment


Material: Resin

Dimensions (each): Height: 20cm  /  Width: 6 cm  /  Length: 7.5 cm
*comes with certificates of legal export authorized from Thai Government!

Gold Thai Thepphanom Pair Statue

  • No returns for these statues as these are unique (not mass produces) and exactly as shown in the images/description :) 

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