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Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants. The oils capture the plant’s scent, flavor, “essence" , and therapeutic qualities. Unique aromatic compounds give each essential oil its characteristic essence. We suggest you use our oils in 2 ways: Aromatherapy, and in your Cosmetic Products.

Each essential oil has its own healing and therapeutic effects. Depending on which way you will use it, they have multiple benefits whether that is Aromatherapy (for sleep, stress, headaches, calmness, energy balance, hormonal balance, energy boost, toning, etc) , Cosmetics, Skin Disorders, Ailments etc


Essential oils are often used in aromatherapy, a form of alternative medicine that employs plant extracts to support health and well-being. Two ways to enjoy Aromatherapy at home with our oils:


Essential Oil Diffusers : The best Aromatherapy method (find them in relevant collection)

Ceramic Burners: Alternative Aromatherapy method (find them in relevant collection)


They are also used as a natural scent and therapeutic factor in cosmetics and high-quality natural products. Once the aromatic chemicals have been extracted, they are combined with a carrier oil to create a product that’s ready for use.


Tip: How to add essential oils to your carrier oils for therapeutic benefits ?


Just dissolve 5-10 drops of essential oil into 100ml of carrier oil. Have a look at our Carrier Oil Collection. We are not a cosmetic company, hence we strongly advice you take an expert's advice before mixing up, or do your research. We can guarantee the purity and safety of our oils, however no essential oil is advised to go undiluted on skin, due to its potency.

● 100% Pure & Certified Essential Oils

● 10 ml

● Origin: Locally produced by Certified Cyprus Cosmetic Laboratories DECOSTA LABS.

HammockCare Essential Oils - 10ml

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