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Ear Massage Seeds & Acupuncture Points ! What are they??
 According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), different areas of our ears correspond to different organs and systems within the body. Stimulating these parts can treat ailments in those various organs and systems. Auriculotherapy is  a form of TCM that’s practiced via acupuncture or ear seeds, which are tiny seeds of the vaccaria plant that are stuck onto key points on the ear using adhesive tape. Ear seeds can be left on for up to more or less two to three days (you can shower and sleep as usual), but they may fall off sooner !
 Some people use them to aid headaches , backpain , jaw tension, even weightloss !
 Using an Ear Reflexplogy graph this is your alternative of acupuncture incorporated in your daily routine!
  Placing your seed sticker on the area you want to treat and pressing it when you can during your day will stimulate that area and help ease discomfort !
These were introduced to me by Chinese Doctors and Accupuncturists in Thailand TMC International Conference  and I've been providing my clients with them !
Each set has 60 seeds.

Ear Massage & Accupoint Seeds

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