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Coconut Bowls are famous for raw, nutritious and healthy Acai Bowl meals and 99% of the time served in a Coconut Shell Bowl with a Coconut Spoon. What's the best way to eat a healthy meal? In a bowl given by nature and refined by humans of course!


These Coconuts Shells have no lacquered engravings and they are suitable for eating such healthy meals!




1 x Set of 1 Coconut Bowl & 1 Coconut Spoon


SIZE : Each bowl is obviously a slightly different size and shape as it is a real coconut shell, however the difference between them is not significant. To help you estimate we will give you a generic 14cm x 14cm for the circumference of each coco bowl and average 5cm height ! (excluding the eating Coconuts bowlsfor soup which have an extra stand beneath them)


Spoon: 16.5cm x 4cm 


COLOUR : Hand polished Coconut Shell to remove the hard textures of the coconut and perfectly shaped Coconut Spoon ! The colors in images are not edited, they are examples of how they look in different lighting, and to show the variety of shapes.


*** Coconut Bowls are best suited to room temperature and cool foods, HOT FOODS ON RARE OCCASIONS CAN CAUSE THE BOWLS TO CRACK.


Origin: Thailand 

Coconut Eating Bowl with Stand & Coconut Spoon Set

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