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Our beautiful new range of ceramic reed diffusers come in modern design just like in the images, in a minimal white colour box with the matching label colour. Hammock Boutique's reed diffuser kits are the perfect gift for all occasions. Made with an alcohol-free, non-flammable base which has been blended with either top quality essential or fragrance oils to make rooms smell amazing. Each kit comes with 10 natural reed sticks and is presented in a colour-matched, high-quality box, available in a choice of eight fragrances/colours. 


- Fine quality essential or fragrance oil
- Made in Britain
- Eco friendly

- Upcycle product


(ordering a liquid refill is available but we need to know early in advance)

* You can order more reed sticks from our shop


  • Moroccan Rose: A beautiful, deep, spicy rose fragrance evoking the smell of the Marrakesh Souks.
  • Saffron, Amberwood, Moss & Fir: A rich fragrance with top notes of saffron and jasmine, combined with the earthy middle notes of rosemary, tagette and amberwood. Set off with the woody base notes of cedar, moss and fir resin.



Ceramic Reed Diffuser Range

Aroma & Colour
  • No returns - only in case the item is broken (please send us a picture less than 24hrs upon receipt)

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