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This unpolished "Calling The Earth to Witness" Bronze Buddha Statue is untouched and very old. We have left it unpolished as we love how time has treated it! It is a very heavy piece for it's size and very rare as we haven't seen one of these in ages! 


Meaning: This posture is known as Calling The Earth to Witness, and it is the definition of the moment of enlightenment for the Buddha. It is the story of how the Buddha, after six years, finally was at the verge of enlightenment.


Dimensions: Height: 17cm  /  Width: 12cm  /  Length: 8cm

Material: Bronze

* Certificates for legal export are only required for certain sizes & godly figures

Bronze Earth Buddha

  • No Returns for these statues as they are unique ( not mass produced ) and are exactly as shown in the images/description :) 

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