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The use of our Face and Body Silicone Cups is mainly for it's anti-cellulite benefits, skin-health benefits,  helps with fluid retention, lymphatic drainage, improves blood circulation, tones muscles and facial features, cleanse facial pores, and smooths facial wrinkles.
How to use instructions: 
1. Apply and massage oil to the target area. (read on for what oils we reccommend)
2. Squeeze the cups and put it on the target massage area i.e legs, thighs, tummy, buttocks, lips etc and squeeze again when you want to release.
3. Move the cup in circular motions around the target area for at least 3 minutes per area.
What Oils should you use?
Grape-seed Carrier Oil is reccommended for anti-cellulite and facial detox treatment as it is has high antioxidant qualities. If you will use your oil only for the body you may add a sufficient amount of Grapefruit Essential Oil  drops inside the Carrier Oil to take advantage of it's anti-cellulite, detoxifying, and fluid retention qualities. Essential Oils are highly potent and can only be applied to the skin after they have been mixed with carrier oils which carry their benefits to your skin. You may also use grapefruit essential oil in your Grape Seed Facial Massage but in less proportion as facial skin is more sensitive! Check our Carrier Oil & Essential Oil Collection for 100% pure and natural products.
How to Clean:
Gently wash with a small amount of Water & Soap without using harsh chemicals
Item Szes : 
XL Cup (7 x 8 cm)
L Cup (5.5 x 5.5 cm)
M (3.7 x 8 cm)
S x Eye/Lip Cup (1.5 x 5 cm)
Note : S + M sizes come together in one set !

Body & Face Anti-aging /Anti-cellulite Silicone Cups

€12.50 Regular Price
€11.25Sale Price
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