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Banjara Tribal Smudge Incense Sticks

Banjara's Tribal Smudge Incense Sticks offer a captivating, aromatic journey steeped in ancient traditions. Each box is a portal to a world of natural fragrances, providing a profound sensory experience. With an unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity, Banjara introduces this exquisite collection of incense sticks, crafted to enhance spiritual practices and cultivate a serene ambiance. Packaged in a box, these Tribal Smudge Incense Sticks ensure both freshness and convenience. Each stick is 15 grams, long lasting slow burn.

Each box holds a treasure trove of unique scents waiting to be discovered, adorned with intricate tribal-inspired artwork, creating a visual delight that complements the enthralling scents within.

 Each pack contains approximately 10 incense sticks. We present a selection of enchanting fragrances to cater to various moods and preferences. 

Why do you have to smudge?

Smudging is a gift for everyone. It is a simple and safe ritual practiced by various cultures around the world. It is an ancient ritual used to cleanse oneself and the surroundings from negative energies.

The process is simple, and the ritual consists in burning sacred plants to clear and consecrate the space. Hence, smudging clears the slate clean for a fresh new start. 

Discover your ideal enchanting fragrance today, Order now.

Banjara Tribal Smudge Incense Sticks

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