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Our Pharmaceutical Natural Wax Candle Series are top quality candles, ethically sourced and handpoured, paraffin free, and vegan friendly. The Balance Candle is one of our most desired candle and is made with Geranium, Tea-Tree & Lavender Essential Oils to act as a Therapeutic & Balancing  agent through Aromatherapy! Burn your candle during your Self-Care routine, and watch yourself come back to Centre. You may want to include it in your Yoga practice, Meditation, reading, drawing, listening to music, etc...! It is most suitable for days where you feel off, or shifted from your purpose. 


Our Candles are Pregnancy and Kid friendly!


They are ethically hand-poured in the UK just for Hammock Boutique hence new their price has gone a bit up due to new Brexit charges! We will not stop importing them as long as you keep desiring them. 



Pharmaceutical Series - 180 ml pot

Burn Time: 50 hours

Essential Oils: Geranium, Tea-Tree & Lavender

Comes boxed & with lid

Balance - Aromatherapy Candle

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