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Our Back-flow Incense Cones are carefully crafted in India and boast delightful exotic fragrances that set them apart from their Chinese counterparts. While slightly pricier, their quality far surpasses the alternatives.

When ignited, these long-lasting incense cones release a captivating smoke that cascades down the incense tower, resembling a serene waterfall—an exquisite and uncommon sight. It's important to note that these cones are exclusively designed for use with Back Flow Incense Burners.

Each individual cone measures 3cm in height, 1cm in diameter, and weighs 2g. As you light the cone, its incense, denser than air, gracefully descends in captivating spirals through the base hole. To experience this mesmerising effect, simply use them in one of our Back Flow Incense Burners.

Backflow Incense Collection (50 pcs)

Aroma & Colour
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