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These are just samples of previously made Gift Boxes. Navigate in our website to see what you want to add in your gift box or just message us with your budget and we will provide you with the best options!


A small but vibrant, useful, and mindful gift box that combines Art - Natural Products & Aroma Cones .


Felted Soap:

Our felted soaps are made by a local artist. The benefit of owning a felted soap are plenty. It naturally exfoliates your skin, it saves up soap so it lasts longer, the whool shrinks as the soap gets smaller, and there is no need to carry a soap case as the whool dries up quickly.


Organic Lip Balm:

The chocolate & mint flavor of this lip balm combines sweet and fresh so you really want to wear that lip balm to keep your lips moist at all times. These lip balms are made just for us at Hammock with Melissa Oil. Our philosophy is, if you can't e