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The Anti-Stress Aromatherapy 3-wick Natural Candle is a high quality, ethically sourced Candle, created to calm your nervous system and allow you to relax and release mental and emotional tension through the power of essential oils.

The Anti-Stress candle is our best selling aromatherapy candle and is made with the ultimate anti-stress Essential oil combination - Lavender & Bergamot Essential Oil. Add the Anti-Stress Candle in your Self-Care routine, but also during days where you feel overwhelmed emotionally or mentally and creave a blissful moment just for yourself !

They are ethically hand-poured in recycled glass in the UK just for Hammock Boutique!

Enjoy your ethical and stress free burn.



•Pharmaceutical Series - 500 ml pot

•Essential Oils: Lavender & Bergamot

•Massage Candle

•Pregnancy and Kid friendly!

•3-Cotton Wicks for an even burn

•Paraffin/paraben/petroleum free


•Comes boxed

Anti-Stress Aromatherapy Candle - 500ML

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