Hammock Exclusive Packages & Offers

Hammock Wellness Plan €120

Maximize your visits at Hammock Wellness Centre by getting involved to all our main services. The package includes two Yoga Classes, a personalized Diet/Nutrition Plan by our Clinical Nutritionist, and any 1-hour Massage Therapy from our Massage Clinic. Once you select this package you can book all three services whenever you want and pay the whole amount at your first visit whichever that is, or pay the whole plan online and directly contact us for your appointments! We can assure you that all our services are suitable for all ages and genders.

Hammock Massage Clinic Package €200 

This package is a way to embrace consistency when it comes to effectively including Massage Therapy in your life. If your lifestyle is blocking your inner balance in a way that it dramatically influences your body mechanics and mental bliss, but you are having commitment issues, then this is a great way to keep Massage Therapy in your agenda. Choose any of our 60 minute Massage Therapies, excluding Herbal Compress Therapies!



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