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Our story, philosophy & aspirations...

Welcome to Hammock Wellness Centre !

Hammock Wellness Centre is a quiet, peaceful, clean, and stunning Wellness Temple on the hills of Limassol, a sacred reality created by the owner and founder, Elina Elia. Every inch of what Hammock is today is dedicated to every person that crosses paths with ours, in our efforts to support and provide our community, through a holistic and pro-active lifestyle, whilst maintaining professionalism, and ethics.

Hammock Wellness Centre started as a Traditional Massage Studio in 2017, has grown to a Wellness Centre in February 2019, and explosively expanded even further in July 2021 as a result of the efforts to rise above the struggles of the times. Our Wellness Temple as we name it, is formed to promote a natural, balanced, and healthy lifestyle through traditional, and holistic practices for everyone. All our services are pre-booked by appointment, and all services are directly booked in communication with the Therapist/Instructor of your interest to maintain the quality of your practice, a personalized approach, and to maintain respectful communication between givers and receivers. 

Hammock comprises of various Traditional Wellness Practices, with the option of 1 to 1, Semi-private, as well as Group Classes and Healing Sessions.


The Massage Clinic is run by the Owner and Founder of Hammock Centre, Elina Elia. Within the Massage Clinic, a variety of Traditional Massage Therapies are offered, all of which are customized to your needs. At the Massage Clinic, you can also enjoy Thai Massage Therapies by Tina Samara.


 At Hammock, we have evolved into offering a wide range of International Certification Courses. Elina is a Teacher of Thai Massage, affiliated with one of Thailand's awarded and most renowned Thai Massage Schools (TMC) and offers Massage Certification Courses annually. Massage Courses range from Basic Thai Massage, Intensive and Professional Training, as well as other Thai Massage modality courses suitable for Professional Therapists or Beginners. Using her connections around the world, she also hosts more International Certification Courses by professionals from abroad.


Keep an eye, if you are a soul who always wants to progress.


At Hammock, we work as a Team, and our only marketing tool is ensuring we always 

prioritize what is best for you as a whole being.

As we progressed into a Wellness Centre, we have incorporated Yoga & Pilates Group Classes in a clean, inspiring and quiet setting, in collaboration with our Professional Teachers. Our new Wellness Temple is big in size , and soul, hence our Instructors, healers, and therapists are all in line with what Hammock aspires.


With the addition of more experienced and warm hearted Instructors, we are now able to offer you a deeper exploration of movement, breathwork, healing, higher consciousness, pregnancy cycle, and the journey to your higher self, through their specialized backgrounds and dedication. Navigate on our website's Group Class and Team pages, and to discover more about the practices and the Team. 

Massage Therapy, Yoga, Pilates, Sound Therapy, Breathwork, Meditation and all other physical/mental/spiritual movement modalities are a magical combination of activities that guarantee the optimal state of your total well-being. The benefits of combining such services are life changing, and this is what we want for you, we love CHANGE, and we love PROGRESS!


 Our aim is to assist you in connecting with yourself, awaken your body, relax and clear your mind, free your spirit, and overall be in tune with your being, by helping you choose what is best for you at different stages of your life! We strongly believe that Everyone is different, and that Everyone needs something different, and so we strive to provide as many traditional, alternative, and holistic practices as possible, whilst maintaining trust, transparency, effectiveness, safety, and ethics. 


All practices are familiar with all age groups, physical limitations, chronic health conditions, and of course all genders! We do not have a fixed approach to life...everyone is welcome to explore their physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional world in our space!


As you may have also noticed, Hammock Massage Clinic does not embrace the Luxury Spa philosophy!


We oppose to generalizing your needs, or target any weakness you may experience, as means to run a Wellness Business, and we are proud for maintaining that over the years!  ​Our sole purpose is to guide you to a happier, healthier, and elevated life, with the only tools; our knowledge and your own skills and qualities! In this context, we only want to offer services with 0 negative impact to your Physical, Mental and Emotional experience whatsoever.


You are half way there by investing in a Pro-Active lifestyle with us, where you take full control over your Well-being and learn to love yourself in its purest form!​​​


All visits are booked strictly by appointment. There is too much chaos outside, we don’t need more inside :)


Thank You for the omnipresent support and respect over the years!

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