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Welcome to Hammock Wellness Centre

Our purpose, ideology & services

Welcome to Hammock Wellness Centre !

Hammock Wellness Centre began as a studio in 2017, and has recently grown to a Wellness Centre in February 2019. Our Centre is a quiet space, on top of the hills of Limassol, shaped to promote a natural, balanced, and healthy lifestyle.

The Centre's main department is our Massage Clinic, run by the owner and founder of Hammock Centre, Elina Elia.  Elina is also a Teacher of Thai Massage and now includes Massage Certification Courses in the activities of Hammock! This way you can also enter a whole new world, the Massage world, with our basic courses to help your loved ones or simply expand your knowledge. Advanced Courses are also available for Professional Therapists or Beginners.  To learn more, navigate through the website.

Massage has had a positive effect in all cases around the globe.  However, Massage is not the only practice that will bring back the balance you seek! 

At Hammock you can also enjoy Professional Yoga & Pilates Classes, with a limited amount of participants to ensure you will practice with care, in a clean and quiet setting. On top of it all, our Yoga space is pure magic! 

Massage Therapy, Yoga and Pilates, in combination with various workshops evolving around the subject of a Holistic lifestyle and Wellness , is a well-rounded combination of activities that guarantee the optimal state of your total well-being. The benefits are countless and life changing , starting from appreciating your own potential and aiming for a pro-active lifestyle! 

All practices are familiar with all age groups, physical limitations, chronic health conditions, and of course all genders! We do not have a fixed approach to life, everyone is welcome! As you may have also noticed, the Massage Clinic does not embrace the Spa philosophy! We oppose to using your insecurities to build up a career!

We offer authentic Asian traditional services with a personalized approach, and with a Therapist's touch. Our only aim is to help you be a happier person with your own skills and qualities! We also avoid any beauty related marketing, because we believe that health is what makes us beautiful...Right?


​​​So many other important things happen at Hammock every now and then, such as Yoga workshops, up-to-date Health lectures, courses etc. Stay tuned, follow us, support us, and help us grow!


Hammock Wellness Centre is the right space for anyone that wants to invest time to themselves. This means that all visits are booked strictly by appointment. There is too much chaos outside, we don’t need more inside :)


Thank you for all the support!