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Palo santo, which translates literally to “holy wood” in Spanish, is the harvested wood from palo santo trees which are found primarily in South America and in some regions of Central America. They're part of the citrus family, with a relation to frankincense and myrrh,

What is it used for?

Palo santo is a traditional remedy for pain, inflammation, and stress. It's also used to clear out negative energy. You can burn palo santo as incense or apply the oil on your skin. Always buy from a reputable retailer to make sure your palo santo is responsibly sourced.

How to burn Palo Santo?

Light a palo santo stick with a candle, lighter, or match. Hold the stick downward at a 45-degree angle. Let the stick burn for 30 seconds. Blow out the flame. Place the stick in a heatproof dish to let it burn.

Burning Palo Santo Safely:

Burn palo santo sticks in a ventilated room.. Choose a room with strong air ventilation or open doors or windows to burn your palo santo in. If you start to feel overwhelmed by the smell, blow out the palo santo and go outside for fresh air until you feel better.

How often can you burn palo santo?

After you set an intention, it's really up to you on how frequently you'd like to smudge with Palo Santo. There are some people who do it every day as part of a daily ritual. Many spiritual healers suggest you should smudge when you feel you or your space needs it.

Origin : Peru

Price : per stick

Palo Santo

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