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This Sage Smudge has grown in a Cypriot Bio Garden and is put together to burn and cleanse the energy of indoor spaces like your bedroom, office, healing space etc .


One Sage Smudge can last for a long time and be used in multiple settings, and multiple times.


The amount of burn is different for everyone. Sage Smoke is very powerful, and the smoke is what cleanses the energy within your chosen space, rekives negative energy and welcomes new positive energy.


When you leave your Smudge to stop burning, place it on a ceramic/metal surface.


Cleanse with self responsibility, open your windows lightly once you finish the smoking of rooms.




💫 Find a small fire proof bowl or ashtray to hold it over as the stick smokes.


💫 Open the windows in your house. This will help the negative energy flow out of the window allowing the positive energy to fill the room in its place.


💫 Light your smudge stick and once it begins to burn, blow out the flame and allow the embers to start to smolder and smoke (similar to lighting incense).


💫 Say an affirmation or a prayer of cleansing your home. You may use "Bless this home and all who enter, please cleanse this home of all stagnant and negative energy, fill this home with light and love and with positive energy of the highest vibration."


💫 Walk around the room, waving the sage stick so its smoke drifts into corners, along walls, around windows, and along ceiling lines. Imagine that bad energy flowing out of your space, making room for positive, fresh energy.


💫 Bless every room in your home with sage, including basement and attic space. When you are done imagine your whole home being filled with white light and positive vibrational energy.o


💫 Extinguish the smudge stick in in an ashtray for its next use.


🌿 White Organic sage drive off negative vibrations and bad spirits.

Organic Sage Smudge Stick (S) - Energy Cleansing

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