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A Thai traditional and creative method of utilizing the shells of Coconuts byturning them into beautiful, fun, and versatile Home Decor where you can store all kinds of goodies such us chocolates, dried flowers, keys, rings, precious stones, aromatic cones and so much more.


We love them... Coconuts are Asia's most famous fruit, but we can't say the same for this part of the world, so we make sure we bring more whenever we have the chance to go backin Thailand!


Specifications: One Set of 2 Coconut Shell Bowls


SIZE : Each bowl is obviously a slightly different size and shape as it is a real coconut shell, however the difference between them is not significant. To help you estimate we will give you a generic 14cm x 14cm for the circumference of each coco bowl and average 5cm height ! (excluding the eating Coconuts bowlsfor soup which have an extra stand beneath them)


COLOUR : Fully Engraved and Lacquered, Coated in Green, Gold and White lacquer. The colors in images are not edited, they are examples of how they look in different lighting.


Origin: Thailand

**Business Cards used for decor/idea

Green & Gold Lacquer Coconut Bowl Set